A Historical Overview

Following the 2011 social and political uprising in Tunisia calling for freedoms, dignity and social justice, a debate on the nature and role of the state which suits the aspirations of the Tunisian people was launched.

Inspired by youth dynamics, the RAJ-Tunisia organization was founded within the framework of the World Social Forum, held in Tunisia in 2013.

RAJ-Tunisia called for a general meeting in which the organization presented its principles and objectives. The meeting was held in cooperation with EYES organization and contributed to the formulation of a joint, self-managed work at the World Social Forum to support the organization.

After meeting with the international civil society youth, we decided to establish an organization that promotes youth-related issues, faithful to the self- organization principles and to the new structures created by youth in the world. An organization that empowers youth to bring about change and to develop their capacities as defenders of democracy.


  1. RAJ-Tunisia encourages youth to volunteer for the benefit of society and supports individual projects within the framework of social, political and / or vocational integration.
  2. RAJ-Tunisia was inspired by organizations of emerging youth movements in the world, especially their long-term view and self-management. Decisions are made at public meetings by consensus and online dissemination of information.
  3. Make youth contribute in decision-making


  1. Enabling youth to become active and practice their citizenship in an effective and dynamic way by encouraging and accompanying individual initiatives.
  2. Facilitating social communication by providing a space for youth to meet regardless of their differences
  3. Dissemination of citizenship values among youth and non-youth.
  4. Advocating to strengthen the role of youth in public life.
  5. Promote "co-existence" and "social cohesion" by creating alternative spaces in the reach of youth.

Our Vision

RAJ -Tunisia was established by and for youth, it aims to have a leading role as a key reference in youth mobilization, advocacy and education through adopting innovative approaches to build a new, democratic and pluralist Tunisia.

It also seeks to create alternative spaces for youth from different socio-economic backgrounds to help them contribute in building the culture of freedom and democracy in Tunisia where they can take part in public affairs.

Our Mission

RAJ-Tunisia is a Tunisian organization whose mission is to put Tunisian youth at the center of public affairs, especially those who have been marginalized over the years to become disinterested and desperate due to the general situation in Tunisia.

The approach of RAJ-Tunis differs from other organizations in seeking to resolve issues affecting not only youth and public policies, but also the environment and climate. This is done through advocacy campaigns, non-formal education, raising the awareness of about these issues and producing expertise in this field, enabling youth in the organization to position themselves as a true actor for change and work in this direction through alternative proposals.

RAJ - Tunisia stands not only as a "critic / mediator" among the various groups involved in youth issues but also provides suggestions, education and assistance.

Our Values

Our philosophy revolves around a set of values, which we consider to be supportive of any civic activity. These values are tolerance, transparency, democracy, creativity, credibility, struggle, optimism and accuracy.

1.Transparency: independence and autonomy in decision-making and financial managemen.

2. Tolerance: Mutual respect.

3. Democracy: the exercise of the right to vote; dynamism in decision-making.

4. Creativity: Innovation and appreciation of knowledge and skill.

5. Credibility: Dissemination of correct information.

6. Struggle: Commitment and defense of youth issues.

7. Optimism: belief in the strength of young entrepreneurs in change and their role in the country's prosperity.

8. Accuracy: Responsibility and seriousness at work.

9. Nonpartisan: An organization that does not belong to any political party.

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